The 2014 Quality Transparency Grades Are Out
Posted on December 17 2014

  The Grades Are Out: The 2014 State Report Card on Transparency of Physician Quality Information At a time when consumer-patients are expected to share more of their health care costs, access to information that aids their decision on where to seek care is critical. Last December, the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3) released its first annual […]

News Release: Just the Facts
Posted on October 29 2014

The Alliance for Health acknowledges that the sustainability of the organization requires alignment and cohesion of the entire board of directors to the strategic initiatives being undertaken in support of the mission. The Alliance for Health is inviting current and former members of the board of directors to re-initiate conversation at the November meeting of […]

Health Series: How Food Affects Your Mood
Posted on April 23 2014

Published in the Grand Rapids Press on Sunday, January 19, 2014. This article highlights the link between nutrition and brain function for everyday living.

West Michigan Health Rankings by County
Posted on December 16 2013

This report provides a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of health care within thirteen counties in Michigan. The report condenses, compares and analyzes information provided by the University of Wisconsin, via the County Health Rankings website.  Each county is summarized by its highlights and opportunities for improvement with context provided on a state and national […]

2014 West Michigan Nursing Advisory Committee Scholarship Available
Posted on December 10 2013

The West Michigan Nursing Advisory Committee’s Nursing Scholarship Program is designed to assist nursing students to obtain a nursing degree in an effort to promote and advance the profession of nursing. Students from West Michigan seeking to obtain bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees are eligible. This year’s applications for will be due no later than […]

2013/2014 Officers & Directors Elected
Posted on June 21 2013

Five Directors Elected to the Alliance for Health Board David Brown, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Donald Disselkoen, Member Ottawa County Commission Stephen Durst, PharmD, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy Brian LaFrenier, Partner, Beene Garter LLP James Rynberg, City of Fremont   Elected as Officers for 2013/2014 Board Chair – Don Hall,  The […]

Can Health Care Providers Deliver Care on a Budget?
Posted on April 29 2013

“Face it, the U.S. has the world’s most expensive health care system — which forecasters say will cost more than $9,200 this year for every man, woman and child in the nation.”

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